If I had limitless of money I would def splurge on all these items, imagine what a dream! But hey a girl can always dream right!? Lol!
The most affordable out of all the things are of course the HudaBeauty Textured palette. I have been longing to try it for quite some time now, it is suppose to be really good and with lots of pigment. The top row of shadows with glitters should be applied with fingers and not brushed, something about heating the shadow up and getting more product on the eyelids. Quite intriguing if you ask me as a make up connoisseur.

On to the rest of the items, a baby (aka mini) Balenciaga in lovely pink/nude color, classic taupe Sac de jour medium from Saint Laurent, rose gold lady datejust from Rolex, Balenciaga bracelet, Saint Laurent over the knee boots and the stunning rose gold Cartier bracelet.


life-goals luxury living townhouse porsche sportscarI was taking a evening talk the other day (before the snow came) and passed by this townhouse and car outside. Talk about dreaming living!
I reminded me of the area I lived in London, Chelsea. I do miss it most of the time, not everyday but I think about it a lot. Sometime in the future I do hope I can go back there again. For now I can’t but hopefully sometime in the future I can go back to the little world in sw3 and sw10.




Hi dolls!
So much has been going on lately that I haven’t found the time I need to just sit down and write.
The other day I went for coffee with Sophia and we went by Chanel to look at some bags.
And I mean if this is not bag heaven I don’t know what is! I haven’t been the biggest fan of Chanel Boy Bags, not that I don’t like them, of course I do, I think they are gorgeous! But the classic flap bag and 2.55 have been the ones I liked the most. But when I saw these boy bags in beige I was in total awe, so so so pretty!

These are definitely my ultimate dream bags, so maybe some day I can afford them all!


perfect bags for fall DVF beige suede bag
I am so in love with this bag! I found it today while just browsing through some stores with my friend Jaqueline. We had a good look around and I was saying that I really, really want a new bag and then all the sudden I just saw this beauty. Ugh I want it so bad! I also found another bag I really liked in black so now I got a hard time decision which one I should get.


louise adolphson givenchy antigona dream bag
I think we all have that one item (or several) that in hindsight we really wish that be bought when we had the chance. That dream bag, perfect pair of shoes or absolutely stunning dress that you just didn’t splurge on.

For me it is this bag from Givenchy, the smooth leather Antigona bag in the perfect beige color. Back then in 2013 was “only” 1050£, now I think it is around 1500£ so quite a steep price rise. Also Harrods where I tried it on (picture above) had a 10% price off of everything for members. I was so close at buying it but then I thought since it is beige it might get ruined quickly.
Oh do I regret this now afterwards, the years after I have just lusted after this bag and now it’s not even sold anymore and the price is way higher. So yeah, that is a real bummer.
Do you have any item you regret not buying?


karlito karl lagerfeld espadrillos Karl Lagerfeld Espadrillos, found here, 1695SEK

Currently I am craving these espadrillos by Karl Lagerfeld. Since he is the designer at both Chanel and Fendi, I am not surprised he made a affordable option to the pricey Chanel Espadrillos. Obviously there are not as luxurious as Chanel but still, they are very cute. Perfect together with a pair of light blue ripped jeans and a bohemian white top with bare shoulders.