Hi dolls!
I been away from the blog for a few days now, as I wrote earlier this week I was going to do a personal post this week.
I just feel like it’s been way too much for me to process lately to have time to be creative and write.
I guess sometimes things happen for a reasons even though we don’t always know the reason yet, we just have to wait and see…
Tonight when I got home I felt like writing again and I’m so happy to see the snow again. Hopefully it will be snowing a lot this month, the leaves on the trees are already gone so I’m sad that the fall was so short this year but will try and embrace the winter now!
I haven’t been feeling so well lately and then yesterday I burned my hand on the kettle (vattenkokaren) and 2×2 cm of my skin (thankfully not the upper part) got burned off completely (second degree burn). I had to go to the ER and get the dead skin cut off and now it’s wrapped up in bandage. As a beauty bloggers I have been completly devetstated and so scared about the scar. Do any of you dolls have any tips what I can do when I can remove the bandage and it started to heal?
I heard aloe vera is great for minor burns with this was not a small burn, it looked like my skin was peeled off like you peel an apple. And the area around it looks awful. Might have to consult a skin clinic after this, if any of you dolls have recommendations of good clinics in Stockholm for skin please let me know. All I know is that the best results are if you start a treatment as soon as the layer of skin has healed back and not wait too long.

So yeah my weekend did not really go as planned, I was suppose to go for dinner with Sophia on Friday, and today go to the graves since it is Halloween and have drinks in the evening etc. Instead I have my arm in a bandage and I went over to Sophias place for a chill night (watching harry potter hehe!!). Overload with snacks and also she has the cutest dog ever. Def makes me want to get a dog even more!
I needed some comfort food/snacks after this ordeal (getting my arm burned) but tomorrow I’m back to my healthy detox!

Also right now I’m contemplating if I should get snapchat or not!? Any thoughts?











  1. Ellie
    06/11/2016 / 09:34

    Ja det låter som om livet är väldigt tufft mot dig nu.

  2. Christina
    07/11/2016 / 10:30

    Var beredd på att den nya huden som bildas antagligen kommer att vara väldigt röd. Jag har en brännskada och blev helt förkrossad över hur det såg ut i början och undrade om jag någonsin skulle se “normal” ut igen. Nu har det gått ungefär 10 år och ärret blir finare för varje år som går och numera är det inget man tänker på även om jag fortfarande har lite pigmentförändringar kvar. Så bli inte rädd för hur huden ser ut i början. Använd någon bra ärrcreme eller stift (jag tycker att Prosil är bra) och var mycket noga med att alltid ha solskydd på ärret så kommer det att bli fint med tiden!

  3. ida
    07/11/2016 / 11:03

    Yes to snap!! :D

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