bronze glam make up tutorial kim kardasian make up

This silver-bronzed eye make up is one of my fave looks. But I must say it is important to know the art of blending to achive this. So if you are not a blending pro, apply eyeshadow on the back of your hand just as you would on your eyes. Apply the colours next to each other and try practising to blend it together without smudging the colors together. When blending it is important to remember you still want it to show that you have different colors underneath the brows, in the crease and over the eye globe, but you do not want the edges to show!

To create this look I used a mix of L’oréal Paris the nude palette, BareMinerals Magic Touch palette, Laura Mercier eyeliner in copper bronze, Smashbox full expose palette. I used nude, bronze, silver and brown tones to create the look. Especially important is the beige/bronze color in the Bare Minerals palette, that is the color on the inner part of my eyes. Creating an amazing ombre effect and also this type of eye make up application really opens up the eyes and make them look bigger!


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