BRING IN SPRING BY LOUISE interior design zara home
I believe I have never experienced a February as cold as this one, the temperature is below 0 Celsius and is closing in to -10C. Suddenly double pairs of pants, jackets that would belong on a north pole expedition and ugg boots are becoming somewhat of a winter uniform.
However that does not mean spring can’t be in our hearts and in our homes! It’s moments like this when Zara Home just bring one so much joy. They always have so many beautiful new items literally every season, good for the heart, bad for the wallet (and perhaps space at home…?).

I wanted to share a few items I found on their website that just scream spring is here (!!!) to me.
spring season zara home 2018

- Capsule lamp in a soft rose tinted glass. I usually hate these light bulb type of lights as they give off such a harsh light but this looks like it would give a softer light to the room.

- Room freshener in a gorgeous packaging, could never have guessed this was Zara home unless it said so on the bottle.

- How cute are these mirror knobs? So you can change out the knob on your drawers or cabinets to these sparkling  and glam ones, very affordable as well and an easy way to get some new vibes into your home.

- The most stunning ashtray, even prettier than Hermes. I don’t smoke but I do love this ashtray and would love to have it out on display just to look at!

zara home spring season
Beautiful china in perfect spring colors and patterns. However I want to raise a sign of caution while shopping from Zara Home, fragile things almost always arrive totally smashed and broken! And also in stores they are not so careful with the items so most china is chipped in the edges or the color on the pattern or edges looks worn out. So it can be a bit of a hunt and struggle to find the good pieces but if you do, they are amazing!

– And let’s talk about this rug? So beautiful <3

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  1. glamlife
    16/04/2018 / 05:52

    älskar zara home!

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