best-nude-lipgloss-lipsticks kylie cosmetics lip kit
Hi dolls!
It is time for another one of nude lip special. I love for EVERYTHING nude/beige, like it is my life (not kidding lol!)…
So of course I gotta share both my current favorites with all of you dolls and also a couple of new products I’m gonna try out and review this week.
Let’s start off with my faves!
Smashbox lip liner in Rosebud - A lovely lip liner in a pink/beige tone, great pigmentation and it matches the natural color of the lip very well. Making it PERFECT for that slightly overdrawn lip without looking like you still think you live in the 90s and is a part of the Spice girls (nothing wrong but just saying…)

Kylie Cosmetics lip liner in Koko K - I’m in love with the Koko *signing that infamous rap tune iggy azeala style*
This color is more pink than rosebud from Smashbox but still in the category of nude lip products.
It’s suuuuper long lasting, you can wear it both as a normal lip liner or all over your lips for that liquid lipsticks effect, or just top it off with some gloss to make the lips look bigger. Because you know all matte products makes the lips smaller right? Well know you now so no such things as Kylie Jenner lips using matte liquids, if you want bigger looking lips opt for lip liner and gloss!

L’oréal Nude Lip palette - I mean like woooow. This lip palette got me blown away, it’s creamy, great pigmentation, same coverage as a lipstick but much more glossy (just the way I like it!) and the packaging is great. This is perfect for make up artist or if you want to be more hygienic or use the lip glosses when you have a cold you just use a brush and then don’t “double dip” in the products and disinfect the brush with brush cleanser. Absolutely perfect no during the fall/winter when everybody seems to get the cold at some point and you don’t want to throw away all your make up so you don’t reinfect yourself. This one is a must have

Smashbox Be Legendary Gloss in Rosette – This nude lipgloss is without any shimmer or glitter, so you could call it a matte lipgloss. It’s not sticky or super glossy, just a smooth creamy texture making the lips looking colorful yet moisturized. The color Rosette is a very cool toned nude/beige, with almost a grey undertone. This color looks best if you got a tan/self tan or have a dark skintone I would say. The pigmenation of this gloss is a 5, and the scale being a 1 totally sheer to 10 total coverage. It looks very nice together with a lip liner but it is not so long lasting!

Smashbox Be Legendary Gloss in pink lady - This is the gold/nude looking gloss, I haven’t tried this color yet!

Maybelline Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Nude Thrill and Nude Flush - I have not tried these goodies just yet but I will post a big liquid lipstick review with Kylie Cosmetics this week so I will try these and add them in the mix as well. Stay tuned my loves!

Xx Louise

best-nude-lipgloss-lipsticks kylie cosmetics lip kit

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