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Hi dolls,

I wanted to start sharing one of my biggest interests in life and that’s health and health sciences. Since my health is very poor I need to make sure I live as healthy as possible and do what I can to boost my body.
One of my health routines is to make fresh ginger tea. Ginger have so many benefits and is so kind to the stomach that it’s safe to consume for all type of health issues (expect ginger allergy of course).
I quickly wanted to summarize a few of the reasons why ginger tea is so good for you. If you are looking to get healthier and take good care of your body, consider adding a cup of fresh ginger tea to your daily routine.

Ginger is one of the most beneficial foods to drink and brew tea on. Ginger is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing. It’s most known to drink while having a cold but it’s amazing to drink daily to prevent colds and boost the immune system.
Enjoying a cup of freshly brewed organic ginger tea is also a great way to finish dinner with, since it helps with digestion and metabolize the foods better. Perfect for those suffering from stomach problems like IBS.
It is also known to help with weight loss at it gets your blood flow pumping which in return can boost your metabolism. Good blood circulation is the key in healing any type of health problem and also the key of keeping your body healthy. It can even help with period cramps and endometriosis, due to it’s anti-inflammatory effects.

One thing people might not know is that honey looses all it’s nutrients and effect when heated. So use organic plain honey in your tea and never use pure Manuka honey. Instead eat the raw Manuka honey on an empty stomach three times a day. I will write a longer separate post about Manuka Honey because there are just so much to write about it!

And last, a note of caution! Many stores today sell old ginger that is in fact rotten. It can cause stomach problems to eat or boil old and rotten ginger so be very careful.
Fresh ginger is never; Soft or soggy, have spots of white/dark mould, looks dry or wrinkles over the peel.
Fresh ginger is always very firm with a smooth light greyish/brown peel (no wrinkles!) and when you cut the ginger the middle part looks crisp and moist. Drinking or eating rotten ginger can cause side effects like stomach problems and stomach flu. I have discovered MANY stores sell old and rotten ginger hence I wanted to write this last part so you know what to look out for when you go grocery shopping.




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