beauty blender dark circles
I need to warn you all of something that is easily overlooked and when it’s done too much, the damage is simply irreversible. I am talking about applying concealer underneath the eyes to cover up dark cirles to harshly and using beauty blenders. It is one thing if you first moist the beauty blender with water and the gently dab underneath the eyes, but if you use a dry beauty blender and thick cream concealer (for example like the studio one from MAC) you will not only notice a crease after a while, you will after a few weeks start seeing the appearance of fine lines.

Dark circles have always been my number one beauty problem, even if I sleep 10 hours every day for 7 days straight, they will still be there. And after a lot of research and talking to experts, it is due to genetics. My dad has the same problem and I guess it runs in the family (not the ideal thing to pass on lol). So I have become the master of concealers and lately I felt that dry lines started to appear underneath my eyes. They look a lot better when I apply eye cream but there is clearly a difference from before I started using heavy amounts of concealer underneath my eyes. I have been doing this for about a year now at least 2-3 times a week.
mac pro longwear concealer concealer for dark circles

The same thing can happen if you do not remove eye make up very gently with a gel remover and using a wet cotton pads to smoothly wipe away the make up. And instead of using wips and pads over the eye area, after the eye make up remover has been applied rise your face with your hands instead a few times. Just make sure to wash your hands before and use antibacterial gel/soap before so you don’t get germs on your face which can lead to zits and blemishes.

louise adolphson beauty blender dark circles

So my advice for you all (which I will follow every more religiously from now on):

1. Never use a dry beauty blender and try to stick with liquid concealers most of the time
2. Gently remove the eye make up as I described above.
3. Invest in a good eye cream that is for sensitive skin. Regardless if you are sensitive or not the eye area is highly sensitive so no point using any harsh cream in this area. I have reacted on many of the most famous eye creams actually so don’t be fooled by just a popular product name or brand.
4. If you are going to use a beauty blender for underneath the eyes, I recommend this one from Real Techniques. It is the best one to use while it is moist and not dry, compared to other brands that still feels very stiff while applying
5. Get lots of sleep and NEVER sleep with you eye make up. A little bit of bb cream or tinted moisturizer won’t kill you (aka your skin…) if you are on a sleepover *wink wink*, however sleeping with eye make up and concealer will def leave a bad feeling afterwards.


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  1. Frida
    08/03/2016 / 09:44

    Jag har samma problem som dig och har provat ALLT och vissa krämer och liknande hjälper men inget gör det helt bra. Känns lite konstigt att tipsa min number one sminkguru haha, men har du provat någon colour corrector under ögat? Jag använder en från GA (, den ljusrosa och den neutraliserar mörka pigment under ögonen. Dock måste du använda en concealer över annars ser det du som du har pink eye! ByTerry Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer Brush i kombination med Corrector Concealer ger helt fantastiska resultat, har läst recensioner som tycker att Byterry inte täcker så bra, men tycker den täcker jättebra samtidigt som den återfuktar och den lägger sig absolut inte i fina linjer. Annars är Urban Decays concealer jättebra och täcker mera, lägger sig inte i fina linjer men jag blev tyvärr jättetorr under ögonen av den :( Kram

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