beige fall flowersHi dolls!
I have been on the low here on the blog, unfortunately last week I got sick so I’m currently recovering from that and also lots of things have been going on. Hence I have not been updating so much, I do miss blogging on the regular and sometimes I feel I put too much pressure on myself that all the content needs to be perfect before I can publish it.
I have been working so much with my other project (a part from this blog) that I haven’t had time to show my precious blog some love lately!

This week I’m doing some tutorials, posting my fall to do list and a personal post so stay tuned. Xx Louise
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  1. Nadine
    01/11/2016 / 09:23

    Din blogg är så chic men du bör vara mer personlig! Du är så straight forward så det är mer intressant att läsa när du faktiskt delar med dig åsikter alternativt pratar om livet allmänt. :) typ av en av anledningarna till varför jag började läsa din blogg xo

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