rose gold globeI’m so in love with this rose gold/pink globe. Not that I am a traveler in any way but it looks so pretty.$a15-pdp-detail-shot$&hei=900&qlt=80&fit=constrainHow chic wouldnt cooking be with these rose gold handled kitchen supplies from BergHOFF?

interior design items 1The perfect cake platter where one can either serve a big cake or why not a plate full of macarons or mini dessert. It’s so pretty if this was mine I would probably but candle on top of it from Diptyque and have it as a tray candle for daily us and wash it off and use for cakes at more festive occasions.

rose gold penThis beautiful rose gold pen would bright up any day.

paper holder rose goldAnd match the rose gold pen with this super chic paper holder #OfficeGoals

twezeerman rose goldGetting the perfect shapes brow with this rose gold Tweezer ♥


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