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70s style for spring ootd fashion blogger

Jeans - TopBag - Heels - Bracelet - Sunglasses

I love bootcut jeans, it’s not only stylish but also very flattering. Regardless if you are tall or short, skinny or curvy, bootcut jeans is a winner! This season white bootcut jeans is everywhere and I just love the ones in my collage above, I also like these ones from Topshop a lot. I got myself a pair from Zara just last week and I can’t wait to start wearing them with chunky heels and high heeled sandals.

This season white distressed/ripped jeans is also very popular, I did a guide a few years ago on how to make you own perfect pair of ripped jeans without it looking to trashy or overdone. I might remake that guide sometime soon! If you don’t want to trash your own jeans, these ones or these are perfect options. I wouldnt recommend anyone to buy expensive distressed jeans because they tend to literally fall apart after a while.


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