the colour of the season

Dress 1Dress 2Dress 3Dress 4

Hi dolls! The colour of this season is def nude aka beige. All types of beige are very popular right now but there is a special tone of beige that also goes under the name “nude”, and it looks just like colour of the dresses 1 and 2. Beige have always been one of my favourite colors as well as pink. Beige is my favourite when it comes to clothes (and my blog design as you all can see lol!) and pink for accessories or other things. Readers that have been reading the blog for a while might remember my pimped out pink blackberry or pink laptop and craving pink furniture or bags. I have bought new laptops since I bought the pink laptop obviously, but I just cant get rid of it, its too pretty.

Anyway, back to the nude colours! Above are four lovely dresses for summer dinners and parties. Just make sure to prep your skin with some self tanning before to get the real glam look. I personally do not like to wear beige when I am very pale and I always do a spraytan or self tanning before wearing a beige or light colored dress. Combine it with any of the gorgeous bronze make up looks I blogged about last week and you will for sure stand out at any party ;) Xx Louise


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