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Today I have had this blog for 9 years and before that I had my personal Louise blog for one year. OMG 10 years I have been writing constantly and updating almost every day, can you imagine? If someone told me 9 years ago you will still be blogging in 9 years I would have thought they were kidding with me haha. But on the other hand, I see myself quitting first when I feel I am doing what I want to do and dedicate all my time to that and that my blog is no longer needed. I have not been updating as much lately as I am working on a few things and been so busy, but when all that is done I am looking forward to blogging more again :)
french riviera south of france cannes style ootd
Here are some flashback moments to the time when I found the true inspiration to start my blog, the French Riviera. It was when I went down there for the 5 or 6th time (can’t remember) I really felt like it was time to start RightNow (my previous blog name). Back then I loooved Nicole Richie and the boho style that was soo in back then, big oversized 70s glasses, long necklaces, oversized dresses. And the Fendi spy bag was the it bag of the year, me and my best friends use to read all the fashion magazines from cover to cover and discuss different outfits and obsess over what Nicole richie use to wear. She was really the style icon back then together with Rachel Zoe.  One thing is for certain I always had swag haha! I rocked those outfits in the Riviera like I had not been doing anything else than wander the shops at the Cannes croisette or having lunch at the hermitage in Monaco ;)

french riviera south of france cannes style ootd

I am feeling inspired just looking at my old pics, I had some serious game back then and I need to get back on it lol! I never cared what anyone thought of my outfits I just went for it. And I was so skinny and so tan, oh the glory days! Seeing these pics just makes me realise I should perhaps make my hair a bit blonder. So next time I go to my hair dresser I might step it up a notch hehe! I also need to get a new pair of Tods loafers. I just wish they come could back in metallic leather like the ones I wore on these photos. And those glasses I still have them, I am gonna bring them back this summer as well, they look so freaking cool.

louise 2006 8
louise 2006 1If anyone wonders why I always wore the ralph lauren caps is because my hair was so blonde it would get damaged by the strong sun if I didnt wear a hat/cap.

louise 2006 11 louise 2006 2I was smirking all day at Nikki beach since they didnt have any ID control back then in france hehe!louise st tropezOne thing is for sure, I had the blog posing down before I even started haha!monaco snapshots south of france french riviera



  1. Jannika Karlsson
    11/06/2015 / 09:19

    Haha! Omg! Upptäckte precis att jag följt dig i kanske inte 10 år, men 8-9 iallafall! :D älskar hur ironisk och självgod du är på ett extremt ödmjukt sätt. Keep it up beautiful! :D

    • Louise Adolphson
      16/06/2015 / 10:31

      Jannika: Va kul att du hängt med så länge :D Härligt att höra någon förstår mitt sätt att skriva *happy devil emoji* haha! Ska nog börja skriva mer som förr i tiden, mindre stelt då hehe :P Tack babe :) Kram Louise

  2. Jackie
    11/06/2015 / 09:00

    Åh, älskar rivierastilen! Jag blir själv nostalgisk eftersom jag hittade intresset för mode på Franska rivieran. Lägg upp fler bilder från de tiderna, perfekt till sommaren!! :) Sluta aldrig blogga! :D

    • Louise Adolphson
      16/06/2015 / 10:32

      Jackie: Tack babe! Ahh mer bilder framöver :D kram Louise

  3. liv
    15/06/2015 / 08:49

    bra jobbat som vart i branschen i 10 år! din snyggaste period var dock definitivt när du hade brunt/mörkt hår, så jävla snygg!! du får en helt annan look då, typ angelina jolie sexig. tycker du borde färga mörkt å inte blont :) men smaken e som baken. kram

    • Louise Adolphson
      16/06/2015 / 10:33

      Liv: Aww tack :D håller med det var en annan look helt och hållet. Kör på den naturliga stilen numera ;) Kram Louise

  4. 16/06/2015 / 11:01

    Haha åh, jag blir också nostalgisk! Din blogg var min bibel back in the day. Hade vart kul med fler bilder :)

    • Louise Adolphson
      16/06/2015 / 10:35

      Orginalet: Åhh va kul att höra :) Ah ska bli bättre på blogga framöver hehe, får alltid mer inspiration när jag inte är i Sverige ;) Kram Louise

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