laura mercier highlighter palette glow palette abh

Laura Mercier Limited Edition Holiday – Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection Palette

On top of my beauty wish list is this glow palette from Laura Mercier. Four bomb highlighters that looks like a piece of art. Seriously I wouldnt even use them just keep them on my little marble tray as decoration and look at it haha!
Before I have only been a fan of liquid highlighters, but recently I have become infatuated with powder highlighters. Mostly because the effect can (sometimes) be more noticeable but mianly due to the fact that creme especially liquid highlighters tend to swipe of the foundation underneath. Even the most gentle dabbing with a beauty blender can remove the foundation which is oh so annoying and let’s not even talk about those chunky strobing sticks every half famous IG account are blogging about.
Strobing sticks are amazing if you want a natural look but avoid them if you have a full coverage base.

Some quick highlighting facts

♥ Liquid and creme highlighters only works well with fluid foundations as a base. Also do not apply a liquid highlighter on top of a matte base foundation.

♥ Powder highlighters works best over full coverage foundation and matte foundations. It will be a nightmare to blend a powder highlighter on top of a dewy, glowing foundation as the powder will stick to the foundation chunks and look like cakey spots of glitter, not a good look.


balenciaga-giant-stud-grey-leggings-winter-outfitHi dolls!
I’m literally feeling like a little kid just waiting for the winter to come back to Stockholm and the snow will start falling down again. I just loooove with it snows and when it is lots of snow outside because it just lights up the streets and the sky looks so much brighter. So beautiful! And if you have not experienced this you need to book a trip to Scandinavia or Iceland in the winter because everyone needs to experience this!
winter outfit inspiration
Things I can’t live without in the winter
♥ Ugg boots – I literally couldnt care less if it’s trendy or not. All I care about are what they are warm and fluffy on the inside (like all the Ugg haters personalities could be more like lol!!) and I have no desire in life to be “fashion”…
♥ Chai lattes & Hot chocolate – Yeah lots of chai lattes are essential and so are hot cocoa with whipped cream.
♥ Fur jackets – Can’t get enough!
♥ Leggings – The key here is to only buy really thick leggings so you can wear them as pants. These are much more flattering and curve hugging than jeans. My fave ones are actually from Zara (wearing them on this photo) and I got about 10 pairs in grey, black and dark blue.
♥ Harry Potter – Love watching Harry potter around Christmas time and I’m dying to watch the new JK Rowling movie. All Harry Potter haters can just twirl away from this blog hahaha!
♥ Smokey eyes – I can’t stand smokey eyes in the spring and summer, it is just too harsh, but oh in the winter it looks so chic!
♥ Buying new knitwear – I love shopping for cute cardigans and tops and currently I’m on the hunt for a oversized long chunky cardigan!
♥ Learning to cook new dishes – Cooking is one of my biggest hobbies so every winter I want to learn a few new dishes and become a real pro at cooking them, chef style!
I consider it a key skill in life to at least have 5-15 different dishes you can make really well.
♥ Going out for drinks – I know this might sound obvious but it something extra magical about the feeling around town during December. Everyone seems maybe a bit more cheerful which makes it a lot more fun to go out and socialize. Especially for me that’s become a real homebody.

What’s your winter essentials? I would love to hear and get inspired!
winter outfit inspiration



Hi dolls!
I thought it was time to start getting ready for the winter, and by that I don’t mean buying winter outfits or putting on the winter tires on your car, no no, I mean the winter make up is hereee.
And that means smoky eyes, lots of shimmer, long lashes, contouring and a full cover base (why not go hard because it ain’t gonna melt away like in the summer heat).
The fall and winter is actually the best time make up wise – 1. It wont melt away 2. the sun won’t give away all your little imperfetions by blazing the sun at your face and 3. It is easier cover up blemishes and set the make up!

One of my favoruite looks for winter is a bronze green eye make up. It suits all eye colors but is very flattering especially on green and light brown eyes. Want to know how to make any eyeliner become metallic? That is one of my little beauty tricks that I will be sharing in a near future!

Details for this eye make up look
♥ NYX Full Throttle “Easy on the Eyes” Eye shadow palette – I used mostly the metallic green shadow and the matte beige color underneath the eyebrows
♥ MAC Mineralize concealer NW20 – Underneath the eyes and for contouring the brows
♥ NYX contour palette light – I used the brightest (white-ish) highlighter color and applied just underneath the arch on the brows
♥ Maybelline MasterPrecise Curvy eyeliner in black – Amazing eyeliner!
♥ L’oréal So Couture mascara – My fave!
♥ Kiss Trio Lashes – Perfect to get that look of natural yet full and voluminous looking lashes
♥ L’oréal La Nudes eye shadow palette – I used different beige colors from this palette to blend out the green color
♥ Smashbox 24 Hour photo finish shadow primer
♥ Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe





beige nail polish tory burch bracelet
The other day I got a press sample of the coolest nail polish I’ve seen in a long time. It’s called 1972 by Smith & Cult. I tried it on and it was really easy to apply since the brush was both long and wide, however the cap is a bit big so this is def not for those quick manicures when you are in  a rush. But I love the bottle it is so chic and it is perfect if you are looking for cute beauty products to decorate you bathroom or vanity table with. I’m going to post a photo of how the polish look tomorrow!


model-co-how-to-self-tan-your-backModelCo Self-Tan Back Applicator 90SEK/9£

I would say my biggest self tan struggle throughout the years has been how to get the self tan on my back. When I was younger I could always ask my mum for a helping hand our sometimes force a girlfriend to help me out (haha!!), I had a few girlfriends that’s been real trupers with this (London girls sure do take self tanning to a new level) so that’s amazing. But sometimes, and to face it, most of the time we are alone and can’t ask someone to help us.
So what to do when one wants to look fab for the weekend!?
I was curious when I started seeing these self tanning garments to apply it to your back. I ordered this one to give it a go.

- Works with both mousse, lotion and cremes. It can even help to apply the self tan with this product if the consicteny of the cream is very thick and hard to get it even.
- Easy to hand wash, just rise it with warm water after every applications
- Good price

- This is not fool proof, it is very difficult to get the product even just along the spine, because the back goes slightlhy inwards just in the middle and even if you try and bend over and push your shoulders together you can end up with uneven spots.
I guess this also depends on how your back is shaped, so this is very individual!

To summarize, good enough to use if you using a top or dress showing the shoulders. Not good enough results if you are going with dress that’s got an open back or if you plan on showing your back to anybody *hint hint*..
But if you love self tanning then I would say yes it is worth it!