kyliecosmetics lipkit dupesHi dolls!
The first part of my dupes special is finally here, it’s going to be fun to share with you all the dupes I stumble upon here and there! I promised this post months ago, I know I know, but sadly other things have gotten in the way, more about that some other time. Also I hope my Swedish readers don’t mind my English, I’m still working on getting the same feeling as I did when I wrote in Swedish and I think I am well on my way of getting there. Anyway time for the reviews and as you all know I hate reading short reviews.
If I wanted to read a short review I would read the description on the package lol!

Kylie Cosmetics Lipgloss in color So Cute vs L’oréal La Palette Nudes in the lightest shade

Pigmentation / Color – The colors are extremely similar, the So Cute color just got a little touch more of white/cool undertone than the L’oréal Palette.

Texture & Application
The Palette is a creamy texture that warms up to a glossy texture as soon as it touches the lips and gets heated up by the body heat, so it looks much more glossy once applied to the lips (or on the skin as the photo above) while it looks more matte in the package.
The So Cute gloss is very liquid and gives a lot of coverage but it’s harder to get it even since it easily gets very streaky. So you need to apply several layers and really “work” the product to get it smooth, while the L’oréal formula is more smooth, creamy and easier to work with.

I love the L’oréal type of palette packaging because it’s so much more hygienic than a tube. If you for example got a cold you just swab some product up with a q-tip (tops) on the back of your hand and apply with a lip brush, which you can clean with antibacterial spray afterwards.
While a tube is kinda ruined if you got a cold. It actually happened to me so many times I can’t count it, because once you used a make up product when you have a cold always toss it away since you can otherwise reinfect yourself.

I prefer the L’oréal one because it’s most subtle while Kylie Cosmetics glosses smells like those lipsticks you worn when you were like 13, smells like vanilla candy in other words.

Longevity – How long it lasts
Both products are pretty equal when it comes to this. In other words if you can drink everything with a straw and not touch your lips both product will last a few hours. However if you drink from a glass or a cup you will see a lot of product residue on the glass. I did noticed that the L’oréal creamy texture left a little bit more tint left on the lips after drinking from a glass so it lasted a bit better.

The L’oréal – 229 SEK or 19.99 USD
Kylie Cosmetics – 15USD
However, there is another shade in this L’oréal palette that is absolutely identical to Kylie Cosmetics other gloss (will show that in a different post. Meaning that if you buy the L’oréal palette you get two dupes for the price of one product, instead of buying KylieCosmetics lipglosses from the U.S and having the pay extra charges in customs (unless you are living in the U.S ofc).

kyliecosmetics dupes



healthy ginger tea lemon honey
Hi dolls,

I wanted to start sharing one of my biggest interests in life and that’s health and health sciences. Since my health is very poor I need to make sure I live as healthy as possible and do what I can to boost my body.
One of my health routines is to make fresh ginger tea. Ginger have so many benefits and is so kind to the stomach that it’s safe to consume for all type of health issues (expect ginger allergy of course).
I quickly wanted to summarize a few of the reasons why ginger tea is so good for you. If you are looking to get healthier and take good care of your body, consider adding a cup of fresh ginger tea to your daily routine.

Ginger is one of the most beneficial foods to drink and brew tea on. Ginger is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing. It’s most known to drink while having a cold but it’s amazing to drink daily to prevent colds and boost the immune system.
Enjoying a cup of freshly brewed organic ginger tea is also a great way to finish dinner with, since it helps with digestion and metabolize the foods better. Perfect for those suffering from stomach problems like IBS.
It is also known to help with weight loss at it gets your blood flow pumping which in return can boost your metabolism. Good blood circulation is the key in healing any type of health problem and also the key of keeping your body healthy. It can even help with period cramps and endometriosis, due to it’s anti-inflammatory effects.

One thing people might not know is that honey looses all it’s nutrients and effect when heated. So use organic plain honey in your tea and never use pure Manuka honey. Instead eat the raw Manuka honey on an empty stomach three times a day. I will write a longer separate post about Manuka Honey because there are just so much to write about it!

And last, a note of caution! Many stores today sell old ginger that is in fact rotten. It can cause stomach problems to eat or boil old and rotten ginger so be very careful.
Fresh ginger is never; Soft or soggy, have spots of white/dark mould, looks dry or wrinkles over the peel.
Fresh ginger is always very firm with a smooth light greyish/brown peel (no wrinkles!) and when you cut the ginger the middle part looks crisp and moist. Drinking or eating rotten ginger can cause side effects like stomach problems and stomach flu. I have discovered MANY stores sell old and rotten ginger hence I wanted to write this last part so you know what to look out for when you go grocery shopping.




pale pink nails manicure nail inspo

I think the classiest and most gorgeous manicure is by my opinion a light shade of pink or beige. Pink sometimes appearing a bit more feminine but so very versatile. I’m def not one for crazy manicures or darker colours as it’s not as flattering as lighter shades.

One of my favorite pale pink nail polishes is Rose Shell from Mavala. It gives just enough coverage, not too much shimmer but not matte at all (hate matte nail polish!), it got a great price but the best part is that it does not contain any of the most harmful ingredients.

In the last 2-3 years it’s been revealed that the biggest nail polish brands like OPI contain an hormone disruptive ingredient called Triphenyl phosphate or TPH. You can read more details about this here and here.
Why is hormone disruptive ingredients so dangerous?
To have a normal level of hormones in the body is important for organ functions and not triggering any diseases relating to an imbalance in the hormone levels. There are many scary diseases and conditions one can get for not having a good balance of hormones. And just imagine what happens if you also use this if you are pregnant or already have health issues…

It is so awful that this is not regulated more by the European Union and that they still let cosmetics companies produce and manufacture harmful products. It is reported that 8 out of 10 nail polished contain this ingredients.
One of the most dangerous nail polishes out there is by a brand called Sache Vita.
It even have warnings on it for pregnant women which is a huge warning sign to look out regardless if you are pregnant or not.

For example did you dolls know that only 11 ingredients are banned by the FDA (food and drug administration in the US) but the EU have banned close to 1000 ingredients! However if a brand have their factory in the US they are allowed to ship in the products containing the banned ingredients, meaning products from the US are not always safe.
Recently I discovered that one of Swedens biggest pharmacy, Apotek hjärtat, are selling products containing (confirmed) cancer causing ingredients. I was so shocked when I discovered this and it deserves a own blog post. If I have the energy I will do one about it this weekend. Xx Louise

 mavala rose shell pink nail polish
A safe option, Rose Shell by Mavala




the beauty issue hair mask review shu uemura hair mask review
Hair masks, the holy grail of hair care, the options of hair masks today are endless. There seems to be one for every type of hair, color and need. So how do you filter out the good ones from the bad? It’s quite tricky to be honest, and all the reviews coming in from all different types of direction isn’t really helping anymore. There is talks about the sulfates, the silicone and all the other bad stuff beauty brands like to put in their hair care products.
I do prefer natural hair care products and argan oil over using regular hair masks, however once in a while it’s nice to give your hair an extra boost so it looks really shiny and healthy.
For those times I really love Shu Uemuras hair treatments.

I started trying out Shu Uemuras products since my hairdresser offer all of Shu Uemuras products and masks to her customers. I noticed how soft and silky my hair was after my hair dresser Sofia had applied one of their masks and wanted to give the products a proper trial at home.
So what to expect from this mask?
It makes your hair feels super soft and silky (even after just one application), extra shiny, as well as feeling that the hair is less frizzy and stronger.

The perfect luxurious hair treatment for dyed/bleached/frizzy hair and also a good mask to use during the summer months. A note of caution, this product is quite pricey so if you are on a tight budget a bottle of pure argan oil (around 200SEK) will do just as much for your hair as this mask ♥


summer glow inspo tutorial

Radiant, glowing and sunkissed skin, don’t we all want it when the weather gets warmer and days sunnier.
The key details to pay attention to getting that glowing look for summer is a combination of what you eat/drink, what products you use and how you use them. So instead of writing a long essay (like I sometimes do lol!!) I’m going to shorten it down in a list.

In the summer its curucial to step up your water intake. The recommended daily dose is 2 liter of water, however do not exceed 3 liters of fluid per day since this can thin out the blood and having other awful side effects!
Don’t overdose on caffeine
No more than 2 cups of coffee per day, instead opt to cool down with an ice latte or ice tea instead of going in on lattes.
Cut down on sugar
To be honest, speaking from a recovring sugar addict, life is better without lots of candy, sweets, cakes and dessert every day and your skin will thank you as well. It is proven that eating less sugar is better for your skin, it will prevent wrinkles and if you already have wrinkles cutting down on sugar can help minimize then!
Become a vegetarian or at least try and eat more plant based foods
Eating a lot of veggies and fruits is so good for both your body, skin and mind! So try and eat as much plant based options as you can, these days vegetarian food does not have to be boring :))
Use oils
As I’ve dived deeper into the world of cosmetics and their ingredients I’ve realised how much harmful stuff is actually in the majority of them. So if you want to nourish your skin, get that radiant glow for summer and still treat your skin to only safe products, oils and serums is the way to go!

productsTo get the glowing looks above you will need;
- A light moisturizer or facial oil (or both!)
- Facial self tanning lotion (if you are pale like me)
- Light bb cream or tinted moisturizer
- Two beauty blenders, one for the base and one for the highlighter
- Cream based highlighter
- Brow pen with spooler on one side to brush the brows
- Neutral colored shimmer eye shadows. Opt for cream based eyeshadow if you want that extra dewy, glowing look.
- Eyelash curler and a very natural mascara (no clumpy or big lashes for this look)
- Bronzing cream with light shimmer or dark contouring cream for bronzing effect (avoid loose powder ones it can look too heavy)
- Nude lip liner + nude/pink shimmering sheer lipgloss

how to applyPrep your skin weekly with a gentle scrub, facial mask and use facial oils regularly. I love using Dr Organic Facial Argan oil on my entire face and neck. Apply face self tan at least once a week if you are pale like me but want to avoid the sun!

The best thing about facial oils is even if you don’t want to use it over your entire face before make up, try applying it over the areas where you tend to get extra dry and fine lines may appear. This will prevent the bb cream from drying out your skin during a sunny day.

Moving on to the make up application, start with prepping the skin with moisturize and/or facial oil.
Let it dry for just a few minutes and move on to bb cream. I would recommend a light and airy bb cream that is not sticky, matte or high coverage. Apply a little bit at a time dabbing in the product with a wet beauty blender, you want a very light finish hence it’s better to not smear on all the product at once.
Avoid brushes since bb cream and tinted moisturizers tend to look streaky if applied with a brush!

When the base is finish apply the cream eyeshadow with your fingers or a small beauty blender for a flawless finish. If you are using a regular pressed or baked eyeshadow stick to just three tones, one for the eye lid, one for the area above the eye lid and in the corners and a third color that is bright and extra shimmering underneath your brows and in the inner corner of the eyes. Make sure you use a big and fluffy eye shadow brush to get a perfect blended finish!
I also like to do the brows when I’m done with my eye make up. I prefer to clean up the brows by gently using a wet q-tip along the brows to remove any excess eye shadow that might have been dusted onto the brows while applying the eye make up. Then when I’m done with that I move onto filling in the brows.
By the time you are done with your eye make up the base will have set so it’s time for the bronzing bit.
Apply a creamy bronzer or contouring cream just as your would apply a bronzing powder. Do not go overboard with the contouring here, just apply a bit along the jawline, underneath the cheekbones and on the sides of your forehead, think bronzing not contouring! Apply the lip products and then the last step is to apply the creamy highlighter in all areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. On top of your lips, along the middle part of your nose, above your eyebrows, cheekbones etc etc.