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fall vibes

ALL NUDE, neutrals, beige, yaaas
Padded bomber jackets
Still a big fan of the over the knee boots (only in suede of course)
Leggings for days, think thick leggings that are body hugging and make you look sporty, fit and chic all at the same time #Winning
ALL black sneakers.
The dream ones would be yeezy boost but I oredred a pair of custom made NIKE’s and I’m hoping they are gonna be as dope as I’ve imagined my design would be. I will show you dolls when they arrive…
I’m crushing on some old collections from Stella MacCartney and Haider Ackerman. I just love flowy silk clothing in neutral colours, so pretty and flattering!
 Bodysuits! Bodysuits can be so hot and sexy and it is a totally yes for this season
Natural make up! I’m sooo over heavy contouring and a big NO NO to liquid lipsticks. Did you just read what I wrote? Yeah I’m in shock too but after trying liquid lipsticks I realized they are extremely unflattering and I swear most of the male population will agree with me. Unless you are interested in women don’t fool yourself, we all wanna look cute to men, not women…

ALSOI wanna add I’m feeling so in the zone right now with the blogging, when I started blogging I wrote my texts in my special type of way. Then I got so caught up with sounding correct and boring all the time so I lost my way. If you read my blog in the years 2006-2009 you might remember how I use to write my blog. I’m going to forget about all the boring writers boundaries I learnt at Uni and just go back to my natural writing style.
So I just want to let you all now that… I’M BACK!

Haider Ackermann Fashion Show Ready To Wear Collection nude outfit neutrals
fendi peekaboo beige


best hair care product wetsuit hair care beauty blogWetsuit hair care product, 269 SEK

Wetsuit is a new hair care product that works as a complement to schampoo and conditioner. To use schampoo all over the hair can be really damaging for the hair in the long run, especially if you use products with sulfates. Of course if you have used styling products like creams, mousse or hair spray you should absuteltuly wash them out properly with schampo but between the times you are styling your hair it can be good to let your hair “rest”.

What I do instead of washing my hair is that I just rise it for 10 minutes with luke warm water, this is perfect when you need to wash your hair but you want to wait 1-2 more days to not damage your hair by washing it too often.
You can also wash your hair bent with you head down so you only wash the scalp with schampoo.
But if you don’t want to go through all that effort this product basically gives the hair a coat that products the hair to be dried out by shampoo.
You are suppose to apply it before schampooing your hair and then the schampo won’t damage the hair as much. Sounds really interesting to me, I haven’t started trying out the product yet but some reviews I read got me kinda intrigued so let’s see what the results will be!

Also I’m SO IN love with my Kylie Cosmetics lip liner, I tried it for the first time yesterday and I’m blown away!!! The pigment was so amazing and it did not dry my lips out at all, I seriously thought it all was just a hype but no the results were really good. However the lip liner did not last for very long hehe, I think you need to apply the liquid lipstick over it to make it last longer which I did not do. I will update with photos of how the different colors look!

best hair care product wetsuit hair care beauty blog




glam make up tutorial kim kardashian inspired
I love a bit of fiery red pigment when I do a bronze make up look. This look is SMOKING hot (fire emojis x 1000) when you either got a bit of a tan/spray tan or if you have a dark skin tone.
I don’t think I could rock this look without a bit of self tan to be honest.
To add a bit of extra spice in this look I used blush which I never ever do and I also added a lot of shimmery pink highlighter.
The key products in this look are two palettes from Bare Minerals called The Guilty Pleasures and The Big debut and also Kylie Cosmetics lipgloss in So Cute!

More details of this look will come tomo so stay tuned! Xx Louise

L’oréal Cushion Foundation glam bronze

loreal Lumi Cushion Foundation bronze review swatchL’Oréal Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil

Okay so I got this cushion foundation/bronzer product earlier this summer and I fell MADLY in love with it. I can without a doubt say it is the best bronzer I have tried in my ENTIRE life.
It literally gives the most natural, dewy look, glowing skin you can imagine, but it does not look greasy at all.

You just moisturizer your skin before applying it, then dab on concealer on choose areas (for me it is underneath the eyes) and then after about 1-2 apply this product gently all over the face with moist beauty blender and you will get the perfect “No Make up”- make up look.
It is so easy to apply and this is a foolproof product for you dolls that are new to make up or just not that into make up generally, because it is so easy to blend and get a perfect finish.
It also works amazing to apply as a regular bronzer over foundation but it only works with cream products, do not combine this with bronzing powder or powder foundation.
Now my make up heart is completely shattered in pieces because I was going to do a big make up tutorial with this product to show you the look step by step and my bronzer had run out.
Basically this product is a cushion with product on/in it, and you have a little plastic seal over it so it does not dry out, but I literally used up every last drop in the cushion lol!

So I went to Åhlens (a department store in Sweden, it’s just like John Lewis) and they said they didnt have it no more, so in total I went for 5 stores and NON of the stories had it.
Apparently this was a summer special and I have no idea so I did not “stock up” on it like I normally do with limited edition favoruiees.
Now I’m so sad because I wanted to wear it this week!
But I just found it here at ASOS so might just well try ordering it from there and wait a while until I get it!
If you ladies can get your hands on this before it’s sold out in your store or at ASOS, do it, because it is so worth the money! Xx Louise
loreal Lumi Cushion Foundation bronze review swatch loreal Lumi Cushion Foundation bronze review swatch


christian louboutin suede boots fall fashion
Hi babes!

I’m so ready for fall now, for once of you that are new to my blog fall is my favorite season and every year I do my traditional autumn/fall inspo posts. You can find my old ones here, here, here, here and here <3
It is one of my favorite blog posts to create and I just love, love, love to inspire others to cherish the fall.
So many people only complain that the summer is over, darkness is coming and everybody gets depressed.
And I’m over here like heeey I love fall, bring on the darkness and wohooo the rain is coming hahaha!

I’m literally the total opposite of most swedes. I get kinda depressed in the summer I don’t know why but I feel the pressure that I need to be out all the time because Sweden only get about 2 summer months a year and it this constant pressure to be out, doing things, barbecues, parties, summer activities and I just freak out because I feel I can’t keep up with all this. And everybody is trying to up each other here with who’s going on the most holidays, and i’m thinking to myself, why on earth are people in Scandinavia going on holiday during the only few warm and nice months we have here!?!?
These are the months to stay in Sweden, enjoy the weather and then in the winter when it is cold af you go on a nice holiday.

I guess my mentality is very different from the typical swede and probably why I felt so at home in London. But now I’m back in Stockholm and it’s been a progess to get use to the vibe that they have here.

Btw I ‘m so curious do I have any readers from Stockholm here on my blog??

Anyways dolls, stay tuned for my MAJOR fall/autumn inspo posts with lots of fun what to do when the darkness kicks in and those rainy days!






kylie cosmetics lipgloss literally kylie lip kit koko k
My go to colour for years has always been beige/nude and I just can’t get enough of glosses and lipstick like these, I just want more and more of them!
Soon I’m going to start revealing some dupes to Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks and lipglosses, I found a few dupes that are pretty much the same colour and consistence. But I will show you proper lip swatches for that.
best nude lipsticks nude lips