Hi my darlings, the time is here, the post we all waited for have finally arrived (just kidding but it’s real good thou), my big autumn inspiration special!!!
I wanted to wait to write this post until I was in proper fall mood and today I really am!
I’m laying in the couch, listing to the rain and watching series, and tonight me and my bf stayed in and I made a lovely autumn soup with bread on the side. Now he is sleeping and as the night owl I am I do enjoy staying up a bit late and soaking in the fall feeling. I saw it is going to rain tomorrow as well so I’m happy haha!

Things I love about the fall are so many, it is my favorite time of the year and it is also my birthday in November, so I guess as a kid the fall was always something I looked forward to because first it was my name day, you know that day in the calender when it is your name next to the date, (yeah I know spoiled only child as I am I got presents on my “namnsdag” too)… Then it was my bday in November and then came Christmas, I mean what is not to love?
So hence I love the fall but HATE the spring haha!
The only thing I hate about the fall in Sweden is that the weather is constantly grey, the sun never shines! I don’t mind the cold but I do hate that it’s never sunny so you can’t take a nice, long walk in the fall and enjoy the sun.

The next part of my fall special will be all the list of cosy things to do during the fall and then I will include my favorite soup recipe that is perfect for a cosy night in, it is easy to make just for yourself or for several people.
I love making soups because you don’t need to follow instructions or weigh everything before, so if you have one veggie more or less won’t make a major different haha!

In my next post I will also make my bucket list for this fall and winter and I would love to hear yours!
But now let’s cuddle up on the couch with a big cup of hot cocoa and watch all these lovely photos and embrace the fall before it is over <3




















strobing-sticks-maybelline smashbox

Smashbox LA Lights 240SEK/29$ – Maybelline Master Strobing Sticks 99SEK/10$

Strobing sticks aka know as highlighter in chubby sticks. I do love the idea and concept of this type of product, it is perfect for the top of the cheekbones but a bit too thick to use over the top of the lip or along the nose, but that can easily be fixed by using a pencil and swiping some product off the stick.

Both the Smashbox LA Lights stick and the Maybelline Strobing sticks are very creamy and nice to work with.
I must however say I feel the Smashbox stick is a bit more pigmented, but I have not tried the golden version of the Maybelline sticks. I have only tried the one with a bit more pink pigment.

Apart from the price difference the La Lights stick you can use both of the lips and cheeks while Maybelline’s version is meant for the face not lips. Both products are however very thin and when applying it be careful because it can wipe away the foundation you got underneath.
The Maybelline stick is stated to be Non-comedogenic, which means it is not suppose to clog pores.
I have really sensitive skin but I did not notice any major skin reaction afterwards which is always a plus.

I tried just applying the products by drawing lines with it, this did not work out perfectly.
For the maximum highlight effect I suggest chopped off a little bit with a spoon or knife, applying it to the back of your hand and letting the product get softer by dabbing the tip of a beauty blender and smearing it around. The body heat will soften the product and then apply it can dabbing it on with the beauty blender. This way you also keep the product more hygienic and the results streak free!



louise adolphson glam beauty blogger
Hi dolls!
In one month it is my 27th birthday and I usually reflect a lot before my birthday. I also make a major attempt to get in better shape before my bday.
This photo is from two days before my last bday and I felt that my body was in really good shape and now I want to get back at it. I havent been eating as often as I should, I had way too much sweets and just not been taking care of myself in regards to what I eat.
I eat maybe one real meal per day which is really bad, I know I know. So this month I’m going to dedicate totally to getting healthier! It is not that I have a bunch of weight I want to loose but I have 2 kg I would like to drop to be back at the weight I prefer. My weight has for a long time been between 53-56KG and I would say maybe 54 is where I think I look the best. When I weigh 53 or less I think I start to look to skinny and I don’t like that so much anymore.
Of course two kilos don’t really make a major different in appearance to be honest, it is more about how it feels inside. Any of you dolls know what I mean? My main focus is really just to boost my body to get healthier and I assume I might drop a kilo or two just by eating less sweets and trying to get my metabolism up and running again by eating more often.
So now I’m going to have a cinnamon bun and a cup of tea and start tomorrow hahaha! I havent had any candy for almost two weeks so I guess that is always a good warmup for my healthier month awaiting.


kylie-cosmetics-koko-k-lip-kit review

Okay dolls! It is time to get down and dirty, meaning a brutally honest make up review. As you can always expect when you read my posts and reviews, I don’t sugar coat it. And I may be as cocky to say, I started Sweden’s first real beauty and make up blog so I have been around for a loooong time and tried CRAZY amounts of products.

I started off trying out Kylie Cosmetics lip glosses in Literally and So Cute.
I like the colors and formula, but the brushes ended up being all wack, however after some make up media attention Kylie Cosmetics sent out new lipglosses to everyone that ordered from the first batch, so that problem was solved.

Then I ordered two lip kits, Posie K and Koko K. They are not nude as one would guess they are, instead they are more pink/purple!

My first impression as a make up connoisseur?
Pricey and a glossy, lovely packaging.
The formula of the lip kit is totally crazy and basically waterproof.
When you first apply the liquid lipsticks it glides on the lips really well, smoothly and perfectly.
Together with the lip liner it seems like a dream for the gals wanting to overdraw the lips.
But then, a few minutes later something happens to the lips, they just DRY up.
It is like the lips are suddenly becoming drier, smaller and all the tiny little wrinkles that you normally can’t see on the lips, they become sooo visible.
To be honest it looks kinda nasty and it feels really sticky to wear. I remember when I first tried a liquid lipstick, it was by MaxFactor and I was 17-18 (so 9 years ago) and I remember it being all dry and started to become flaky as the hours passed by. Since then I have not been so keen on trying out liqiuid lipsticks, but due to the hype I just could not resist.

I have now realized and understood that all the amazing photos taken of liquid lipsticks (in general, not only by Kylie Cosmetics) must be taken just after the product have been applied, before the formula dries up the lips.
When I had the product on my lips it felt like they were hard to move, like I had paint on my lips that had started to dry, it felt weird to drink and the last thing I would ever want to do is kiss my BF with that on my lips.
Actually I think he would be slightly scared if he saw me with this on lol!!


Now to the color…
Lovely gorgeous colors, nothing wrong there. I would say perfect for very fair skin tones as this special shades of pink/purple/nude might look cool for fall, but darker skin tones would of course look good in them as well.

So my conclusion
I’m in LOVE with the lip liner Koko K. It is truly perfection. I’m going to get several more of Kylie Cosmetics lip liners as I’m in love with the formula and I really want to try out Dolce K and Candy K.
The pigmentation is just gorgeous and it matches my lip color so well and it really covers the lips and the skin around the lips, making it ideal when wanting overdraw the lips a little bit (don’t go overboard with it though ladies).

However liquid lipsticks are nothing for me… Especially not the matte ones!
I would say if you want your lips looking moist, juicy and gorgeous, go with the Kylie lipglosses or lipglosses in general and not liquid lipsticks.
Liquid lipsticks are simply not as flattering as you think it will look. However I’m sure they work great as a man repeller (hehehe)…



Hi dolls, it is time for yet another self tan review! If you want to read some of my previous reviews you can check out this post or this one on how to look fab without make up.
Currently I’m on the look for an amazing face self tanner, I have noticed a lot of the higher end brand give you zits and blemishes (the shock horror when you want to look fab and tanned) and also I’m looking for a new spray tanning salon. If you know any good ones in Stockholm, please write you advice in a comment babes!

Anyway, time for the review starting with L’oréal Paris Sublime Silky Lotion Self Tanning (the right one).

Look and feel
A white lotion that is very light, like a very watery body lotion. The perfect consistent when it comes to self tan if you ask me (or gel is also amazing), because if the cream or lotion is too thick/heavy it is nearly impossible to get even and without any white spots appearing during the next day, especially around the knee and elbow-areas.

This lotion may seem like a piece of cake since I just described that the consistence is ideal, HOWEVER, it is highly sensitive to water. One little splash of water on the hands or arms or neck and you will have a white mark on that spot. You also need to really smooth out the product several times in every area to make sure you got it even. Also do not wash your hands after using the first application, use a antibacterial or cleaning wipe on the palm on your hand and let the product stay on the upper side of your hands. If you use it two days in a row then wash your hands on the second day after application because then the product will have developed more during the first day.

Drying time
It feels very sticky at first, like a body lotion that wont dry. So you need to make sure you rub this product in the skin and not just pat it in, otherwise it will take much longer to dry. it takes approx 30-60 mins to be dry after applying this product, it also depends on how dry your skin is. If your skin is quite dry it will absorb faster.

I always apply my self tan at night so I sleep in my less fancy PJ’s (Not the type you wear with your BF hehe) that I don’t care about if they get stained. I recommend that you all do the same, DO NOT apply self tan during the day and complain about the smell. Self tan will smell you can’t avoid this, so do it in the evening and wash it off in the morning.

Smell during and after application
It smells quite strong but not the classic self tanning scent during application, but the self tanning smell actually appears the day after when you have let the product sit for about 7-10 hours. When the self tan is fully developed you deftinatly need a scented body wash to get rid of the smell!

Color Produced
This works kind of like a build up product, if you use it several times a week or 2-3 days in a row the color will get deeper. I actually think it looks the best after two applications. After just one it gives a very subtle tan, so those of you that hate that dark self tanning look can safely go ahead and try this one. However it is just on the border of orange, this product does not contain any green pigment. A lot of spray tanning products and for example bare minerals contain a green pigment so the cream or spray is pigmented and you can tell it got a green undertone. These products usually appear less orange but it is not always an guarantee for it.
This one I think is okay but it is not perfection. And FYI I’m still looking for that perfect, mind blowing self tan and I have not found it yet.

How long it lasts
One application lasts a few days and the fade is literally zero!! It’s the deeper the color, the more it will fade and may fade in patches. So if you use this product two days in a row make sure you top it up after 3-4 days with another round if you want it to last longer. If you do this you can just keep going for weeks haha.

185 sek (approx 17£)

Buy again?
Yes I would get this tanner again! The price is great and the results are not to shabby. Tomorrow I will review the Elixir so stay tuned for that review later this week. Xx Louise




Over the years I have tried countless amounts of different lip balms. I have also studied which ingredients are the best and most natural, after all, while wearing lip gloss, lipstick and lip balm it is impossiblenot to swallow it from time to time.
Just imagine how much lip gloss you actually get in your mouth while kissing (yeah and the guy of course). There have been several articles over the years, one particularly famous from Glamour, stating that a woman will swallow up to 7 pounds of lipsticks over the course of a lifetime.
I do think that is a bit over exaggerated but the bottom line is that every woman wearing lipstick and lipgloss will swallow a whole chunk of it over the years.

Swallow lip gloss for real!?

Majority of the lip products on the market are not tested to be swallow or safe to swallow, neither have they gone through studies of how the harsh ingredients and chemicals affect the body if swallowed. Whenever you apply a cosmetic product on your skin it will be absorbed into your blood stream within one minute, this is not a lie and I will try and link to the source/proof of this later.

I’m trying to watch what I put on my skin more and more, for example I avoid foaming shower gels that smell super lovely and have a cool color. These usually contain an awful amount of chemicals. I try and only use all natural tea tree shampoo unless I’m reviewing products then I will try others. And most importunately, I have banned all lip products that contain petroleum.

Petroleum, like something you put in the car?

Yes kinda of. Petroleum, petroleum jelly or Petrolatum as it may also say on the packaging is slammed to be toxic, a carcinogen and can contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).
The EPA states the following – “created when products like coal, oil, gas, and garbage are burned but the burning process is not complete.” The concern is that those chemicals, found in contaminated petrolatum, have indeed been found to “cause tumors in laboratory animals that were exposed to PAHs through their food, from breathing contaminated air, and when it was applied to their skin. When pregnant mice ate high doses of a PAH (benzo(a)pyrene), they experienced reproductive problems. In addition, the offspring of the pregnant mice showed birth defects and a decrease in their body weight.” These effects, however, have not been seen in humans, states the EPA.
Yeah not so lovely as that packaging of the pink lip balm you just considered buying right?
Apart from being toxic and nasty, petroleum containing lip balms usually contain other harsh ingredients as chemical fregrance, chemical dyes, mineral oil (try to avoid this in most products), parabens and Cinnimate, Avobenzone and Octinoxate, all ingredients to avoid!

Petroleum based lip balms will not moisturize the lips, instead it will just create a plastic film over the lips making them appear moist but underneath it the lips will become more and more dry. Caremex or vaseline are two hideous products containing this to name some examples!

The European Union has even banned Petrolatum in beauty products, but as I understood it is still unclear if the FDA have acted on this as well.
Regardless dolls, stay away from this and let’s use natural products.
body shop hemp lip balm best lip balm
My favorite, safe, all natural option

The Body Shops Hemp Lip Balm. This is THE BEST lip balm I have ever tried and I have been using it for years.
It makes the lips sooo soft, so moisturized and so kissable it is ridiculous. It is also affordable at a price of approx 8£/80SEK.
For a natural yet defined look I love to use first a lip liner in a color matching my own lip tone, here you need to try different options to find the right shade for you but I like Kylie Cosmetics in Koko K or Sephora’s lipliner in 13 Pink Beige. The I use lost of this lip balm on top of it and my lips look slightly bigger but oh so natural.