smashbox cosmetics kit

I got some many lovely press goodies from Smashbox a few weeks ago! I have started trying out the products and I already found a few favorites. I have not had the chance to try all the products yet but, I love the highlighting powder (the round one with several different colors), the contour sticks (perfect for contouring the nose!) and the bb water foundation.
It is a super light foundation perfect for achieving the “dewy look”, it gives enough coverage however to cover up small blemishes and dark circles. I would say it is the perfect summer foundation for women with dry to normal skin.
I would not recommend it if you have oily skin since it contains a lot of moisrtuizer and gives that glow look, if you wish to get a matte finish it is not the right product. I love when the skin got a nice glow but I know it is not for everyone.

It looks even more glowing when you use Smashbox oil primer before applying the bb water foundation. Top it off with some bronzer underneath the cheekbones and some highlighter on top of the cheekbones for that perfect JLo look.

smashbox bb water camera readysmashbox eyeshadow palette smashbox cosmetics kit


armand dommer fotograf boho chic bohemic top flare jeans zara balenciagamake up artist beauty looks inpsirationHi dolls!
I really love this simple outfit, cute and casual! Both the top and jeans are from Zara, the top is probably still in stores and the jeans as well. Affordable yet chic.
The necklace is an old piece from Bvlgari but I changed the chain to a longer one. Sunglasses from Ray Ban (size 58mm), watch from Michael Kors, bracelets from Balenciaga and Tory Burch.

I took some extra close up photos of this look as well. I will post those photos separately with all the product details of the make up I used to create this look.

boho chic bohemic top flare jeans zara balenciagabalenciaga city bag stud rose gold boho chic bohemic top flare jeans zara balenciagaboho chic bohemic top flare jeans zara balenciaga
Photos by Armand Dommer


chic stylish work out clothes casall bcbg
I was sooo happy yesterday that the weather was so amazing, I spent the day first getting my hair done, then I had a quick photo shoot with Armand, then a meeting, ran around tan running errands and then a night with H♥.
We took a long walk and then went food shopping, then just watching movies. And in the evening when I was on my laptop I found some photos from about 1-2 weeks ago when the weather was amazing for like over a week. It really felt like summer was here.
So I wanted to show you this photo that H♥ took when we went powerwalking (a good 2 hour walk!). I love these Casall tights so much, I literally have 5 of them but with different colors on the stripes on the sides and I also have the capri ones (shorter legs). The mesh jacket is also from Casall and I have it in a champagne color as well.

I just can’t stand ugly work out clothes and even if some people don’t consider powerwalking a work out it is still exercising and I love to always be comfortable when I am walking for hours.
My best advice would be to spend about 2000 kronor (200£) on maybe 1-2 pair quality work out pants, 1-2 tops and a nice jacket for outdoor use. This will be money well spent when the summer is here and it is boring to be inside a gym.


grey beige nails manicure inspo
Currently I am dreaming of these nails, just a bit shorter and they would be perfect! The shape of these nails are called “square oval”, which means you make the nails a bit thinner towards the tip of the nail and then you even out to square edges. If you continue to file on the sides you will be left with the classic oval shape. I love almond and oval shaped nails but I discovered that they break much more easily, even when you have gel-polish on the nails!
So I am sticking to square oval right now. I recently made my nails a bit shorter and I actually kinda like it, it feels a bit more natural and it is defiantly easier to apply make up without the really long nails.


khaki green cameo outfit balenciaga marzio zara
Hi dolls!
Yesterday I passed by my lovely hair dresser Sofia at Ljusberg Olsson to get my hair freshen up. I am really into the lighter blonde look at the moment so Sofia added a few highlights (bleach) in the front and did a base lift. A base lift is a highlighter (known as “toning” in Swedish) that changes the tone of the blonde, which makes the color look lighter and blonder. The one Sofia uses on my hair makes it look cooler and more beige, less golden/yellow.
I really can’t stand yellow blonde hair, it makes me cringe. I can guarantee that anyone with yellow-blonde hair will look much better if they would try the base lift Sofia uses on my hair!
khaki green cameo outfit balenciaga marzio zara
salong ljusberg olsson stockholm frisör khaki green cameo outfit balenciaga marzio zaraWearing Maybelline Nude Perfection lip liner all over my lips. No gloss or lipstick, only lip liner!


best foundation reviews
I am finding more and more difficult to find a really good foundation. I have been without a favorite for maybe 2 years now and there is just not any foundation that I tried in these past years that really does it for me.
Either it is too dry and it enhances fine lines and wrinkles, or it is too oily and it gives me awful blemishes.
I recently tried a foundation (I am not going to be evil and mention the name) but after using it maybe 3-4 days in a row to really try it out for a blog review I got these red bumps on my skin. It was not like a zit instead it was like a red blemish that just hurted and now to the weird (or funny?) part, H got zits too around his mouth after kissing me, because the foundation rubbed off on him too. Hahaha!
That is just awful though.

However I recently tried a brand new foundation and it has really given me hope again! I am going to try out more of there other colors and then I am going to tell you all about it. I tried it for a good 2 weeks, not only did it look good on and was easy to apply, I did not get any blemishes (I have really sensitive skin) so fingers crossed this is my new fave, so far so good.

foundation issues