“We have to learn to accept the love we AREN’T given. Believe them when they show you their true colors.
Stop trying to repaint that person into a shade they are not. To realize, that although we put someone on a pedestal, that does not mean that their judgment defines who we are. We must learn to love ourselves first unconditionally. So we have the strength to not let others love us on their conditions.
In conditional love: love is ‘earned’ on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions.
Conditional love is purely based off of how one can benefit. You, in a sense are paying for another’s love. Constantly auditioning for a spot in their lives.
Whereas in unconditional love, love is given freely no matter what. With acceptance and purity. Loving is primary. Conditional love requires some kind of finite exchange, whereas unconditional love is seen as infinite and measureless. I think that, at any given point, we are faced with the choice of whether to move on with what the universe gives and takes or to hold on and bury ourselves in our own misery.
The choice is yours. Choose your happy over anything else. Love is different for us all. Be strong enough to Accept only unconditional love.” – Khloe Kardashian

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louise adolphson givenchy antigona dream bag
I think we all have that one item (or several) that in hindsight we really wish that be bought when we had the chance. That dream bag, perfect pair of shoes or absolutely stunning dress that you just didn’t splurge on.

For me it is this bag from Givenchy, the smooth leather Antigona bag in the perfect beige color. Back then in 2013 was “only” 1050£, now I think it is around 1500£ so quite a steep price rise. Also Harrods where I tried it on (picture above) had a 10% price off of everything for members. I was so close at buying it but then I thought since it is beige it might get ruined quickly.
Oh do I regret this now afterwards, the years after I have just lusted after this bag and now it’s not even sold anymore and the price is way higher. So yeah, that is a real bummer.
Do you have any item you regret not buying?


louise adolphson best products from sephora make up reviews lip liner lip gloss

Sephora Collection Oil Infusion lip gloss “Iced Coffee” – Sephora Collection lip liner “Nude pink”
Sephora Colorful eye shadows in shimmer “Fairytale romance 219″ and glitter in “What happens in Vegas 283″

I like Sephora’s make up but I really dislike their skin care. Their cleansing gels are straight ut dangerous, my mum tried both the cleanser for the eye make up and for face make up and she got huge rashes all over her eye lids and even though she didn’t get any product in her eyes she got burns INSIDE of her eyes.
She went to a doctor to check it out, it’s still not healed and it’s been weeks.
So yeah stay far away from Sephora’s make up cleansers.

However, I do LOVE their lip products and also their eyeshadows are the bomb. The eyeshadows are pigmented but not as pigmented as one would wish, but still good enough to make it work with an eyeshadow primer.
I love that they got that perfect shimmer that most eyeshadows lack.
I bought both their glitter eyeshadow and shimmer eyeshadow in similar color to try it out and I absolutely prefer the one with shimmer.
The glitter version literally have big chunks of glitter in it and it looks a bit over the top at first, so yeah go with the shimmer one (fairytale romance 219)!

Sephora’s nude lip liner has been my favorite for over a year now and even though I try a lot of lip products, this one is my go to lip liner. It matches the colour of my lip so well that it is amazing for a little bit of overdrawing.

The oil infusion lip gloss, this product needs a proper introduction. Imagine a lip gloss that is non sticky, leaves no residue when it comes off, not dry lips after using it instead your lips feels soft and moist.
The perfect kissable lips. It doesn’t smell very strong and it gives the lips that look like you have been using lip balm 24/7 to give it that perfect moisturized look. Yeah you don’t really have to imagine it because this gloss is FOR REAL.
It’s meant to be very sheer which I love, the nude colour looks more like a dark taupe but on the lips it looks so nice together with the lip liner and so natural. Your lips looks moist, naturally more plump and totally kissable.


stella maccartney runway fall fashion inpso

fall vibes

ALL NUDE, neutrals, beige, yaaas
Padded bomber jackets
Still a big fan of the over the knee boots (only in suede of course)
Leggings for days, think thick leggings that are body hugging and make you look sporty, fit and chic all at the same time #Winning
ALL black sneakers.
The dream ones would be yeezy boost but I oredred a pair of custom made NIKE’s and I’m hoping they are gonna be as dope as I’ve imagined my design would be. I will show you dolls when they arrive…
I’m crushing on some old collections from Stella MacCartney and Haider Ackerman. I just love flowy silk clothing in neutral colours, so pretty and flattering!
 Bodysuits! Bodysuits can be so hot and sexy and it is a totally yes for this season
Natural make up! I’m sooo over heavy contouring and a big NO NO to liquid lipsticks. Did you just read what I wrote? Yeah I’m in shock too but after trying liquid lipsticks I realized they are extremely unflattering and I swear most of the male population will agree with me. Unless you are interested in women don’t fool yourself, we all wanna look cute to men, not women…

ALSOI wanna add I’m feeling so in the zone right now with the blogging, when I started blogging I wrote my texts in my special type of way. Then I got so caught up with sounding correct and boring all the time so I lost my way. If you read my blog in the years 2006-2009 you might remember how I use to write my blog. I’m going to forget about all the boring writers boundaries I learnt at Uni and just go back to my natural writing style.
So I just want to let you all now that… I’M BACK!

Haider Ackermann Fashion Show Ready To Wear Collection nude outfit neutrals
fendi peekaboo beige


best hair care product wetsuit hair care beauty blogWetsuit hair care product, 269 SEK

Wetsuit is a new hair care product that works as a complement to schampoo and conditioner. To use schampoo all over the hair can be really damaging for the hair in the long run, especially if you use products with sulfates. Of course if you have used styling products like creams, mousse or hair spray you should absuteltuly wash them out properly with schampo but between the times you are styling your hair it can be good to let your hair “rest”.

What I do instead of washing my hair is that I just rise it for 10 minutes with luke warm water, this is perfect when you need to wash your hair but you want to wait 1-2 more days to not damage your hair by washing it too often.
You can also wash your hair bent with you head down so you only wash the scalp with schampoo.
But if you don’t want to go through all that effort this product basically gives the hair a coat that products the hair to be dried out by shampoo.
You are suppose to apply it before schampooing your hair and then the schampo won’t damage the hair as much. Sounds really interesting to me, I haven’t started trying out the product yet but some reviews I read got me kinda intrigued so let’s see what the results will be!

Also I’m SO IN love with my Kylie Cosmetics lip liner, I tried it for the first time yesterday and I’m blown away!!! The pigment was so amazing and it did not dry my lips out at all, I seriously thought it all was just a hype but no the results were really good. However the lip liner did not last for very long hehe, I think you need to apply the liquid lipstick over it to make it last longer which I did not do. I will update with photos of how the different colors look!

best hair care product wetsuit hair care beauty blog