kevin aucoin make up looks
One of the worlds first famous make up artist was Kevyn Aucoin, the famous make up artist to the stars in the 90s. He got several make up books published, created a make up brand that still lives on today and is still an inspiration to many make up artist today. He was one of the inventors of the technique today known as contouring. He worked with almost all the big stars of the 90s, from supermodels like Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford to Hollywood stars like Barbara Streisand and Julia Roberts. From doing make up on models for runway shows and fashion magazine covers to red carpet looks for celebs he was one of the biggest make up artist that still inspire artists that are big today.
For example Mario Dedivanovic (@MakeupByMario) Kim Kardashian famous make up artist has said Kevyn is one of his big inspirations. He is one of the big supporters of his Kevyns contour technique and made it popular today, without Mario and Kim I doubt the generation of today would have been aware of what contouring really is and was.
Contouring was from the beginning very big within the theater and movie world (also known was sculpting back then) since it worked so well on film, for a far distance or on photos. This is one of the main reasons why contouring is so difficult to achieve without it looking fake or streaky if you wear it out in broad daylight.
The famous fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, more known as one fo the judges of project runway, was one of the first fashion designer that had Kevyn do the make up for all this shows.
Naomi Campbell was such a fan of Kevyn that she would not walk out on the runway before he had done her make up!

kevyn aucoin make up looksOne of my fav make up looks by Kevyn here on Julia Roberts

For a long time I have been very curious on Kevyn Aucoin’s products. His base products is especially well known and is said to be very good. I listed the products I would want to try the most down below.
I’m planning on buying his books sometime in the future just to have as coffee table books.

Have any of you tried Kevyn Aucoin’s products or bought his books? Xx Louise

kevyn aucoin make up












Charles worthington hair treatment mask

“Designed to combat breaks, splits, tangles and frizzes, the products contain the unique Renovoil Complex which smoothes and nourishes the cuticle. This powerful complex has a dual-action that not only makes hair look instantly healthier, and feel easier to manage, but also, over time, helps protect it, leaving it less prone to damage.
This luxurious masque has been formulated to help you grow your hair to its maximum potential length. Scientifically proven to reduce hair breakage by up to 92%*, the masque reinforces hair and repairs the appearance of damage. Its nourishing formula also protects against styling harm, helping to prevent hair loss caused by breakage.

*Laboratory studies against styling damage on bleached hair. 62% average breakage reduction.”

I love the elegant packaging even though it comes at such a affordable price (at least in the UK pricing).
This is definitely not one of those products you need to hide in your bathroom cabinets, it’s chic enough to leave out on the shelves or in the shower as a “bathroom accessory”. Yeah yeah I know, only a beauty junkie deluxe would call beauty products accessories for the bathroom lol!

When I opened the jar and applied the mask I was brought back to the first time I lived in London, I probably used a few products from Charles Worthington back then. It is scary but fascinating how much memories we are connected through scents. Anyway I loved the smell back then and still love it, so for me this product smells like London which might sound pretty strange (haha!), so in other words it smells lovely!
I did notice it made my hair a bit glossier especially towards the ends. I’m always very careful never to use any hair masks or treatments in the scalp thought as it can lead to bot greasy hair and clogged pores.
Only use mask/treatments on the lengths and ends of the hair (very important)!
I haven’t used it long enough to notice if it helps battle broken and split ends so time will tell.

It contains silicone which is not really an ideal ingredients when trying to get long, healthy hair. It coats the hair but it does not penetrated the hair, meaning no moisture can actually reach the hair fibre and boost the hair as many commercials claim. Instead it just coat the hair with a glossy surface.
Some studies means this can “glue” together split ends or avoid them from breaking, I can agree with this to some degree and that’s why I only recommend to use this type of products on the ends and not in the roots. As it is silicone that can cause the pores in the hair to clog up. So never use schampos or conditioners with silicone in the roots, that’s the key to long and healthy hair.

In Sweden it cost approx 130 SEK but in the UK it only cost 6£.

Yes! Perfect for those on a tight budget or if you just enjoy trying different products.


my beauty empties shu uemura color lustre
A fairly new concept in the blog world is listing your “Beauty Empties” meaning products you have used up and would buy again. I would say it’s is just another and perhaps creative way in listing what products you like and would invest in time and time again.
For me I love classic things like argan and coconut oil, Bodyshops hemp lip balm, a lip balm from La Roche-Posey and Sephora lip liner among a few products I buy over and over again.

However back to my beauty empties, I started trying out the color lustre series from Shu Uemura a few months ago and loved it!
It literally makes your hair look like the girls in a Hollywood romantic comedy movie. You know the girls with perfectly voluminous and trimmed hair that just glows as the winds blows through their hair. I’m sure you all have a scene from a Jennifer Lopez or perhaps even legally blonde movie in your mind hehe (if you don’t then that’s what I’m referring to lol!).

I didn’t take me very long until I had used up both the conditioner and mask on my long hair and I’m in love with these products. Now I’m really curious to try out the other series from Shu Uemura.

To get the full effect out of these products I would recommend that you try both the shampoo, conditioner and most importantly the hair mask. If you could only buy one or two of the products I would say go for the conditioner and hair mask and skip the shampoo.
Not that the shampoo is not good but it is really the conditioner and hair masks that do the real magic when it comes to hair care!


charlotte tilbury eyeshadow palettes
I have actually never tried any of Charlottes Tilbury’s products. I walked by her counters at Selfridges many times in the past and admired the lovely packaging. But I haven’t gotten around in trying the products so I have no idea how the texture is or if the pigmentation is good or bad. I saw these beauties online, the luxury palettes, and I would love to have them just as decoration in the bathroom haha!
They are a bit pricey though hence I haven’t felt like spending over 400SEK on an eyeshadow palette. The ingredients are pretty much the same as if you would buy an eyeshadow from NYX or L’oréal so I rather save my money for other things. But if you can splurge then why not, they are gorgeous after all ;)


pale pink nails manicure nail inspo

I think the classiest and most gorgeous manicure is by my opinion a light shade of pink or beige. Pink sometimes appearing a bit more feminine but so very versatile. I’m def not one for crazy manicures or darker colours as it’s not as flattering as lighter shades.

One of my favorite pale pink nail polishes is Rose Shell from Mavala. It gives just enough coverage, not too much shimmer but not matte at all (hate matte nail polish!), it got a great price but the best part is that it does not contain any of the most harmful ingredients.

In the last 2-3 years it’s been revealed that the biggest nail polish brands like OPI contain an hormone disruptive ingredient called Triphenyl phosphate or TPH. You can read more details about this here and here.
Why is hormone disruptive ingredients so dangerous?
To have a normal level of hormones in the body is important for organ functions and not triggering any diseases relating to an imbalance in the hormone levels. There are many scary diseases and conditions one can get for not having a good balance of hormones. And just imagine what happens if you also use this if you are pregnant or already have health issues…

It is so awful that this is not regulated more by the European Union and that they still let cosmetics companies produce and manufacture harmful products. It is reported that 8 out of 10 nail polished contain this ingredients.
One of the most dangerous nail polishes out there is by a brand called Sache Vita.
It even have warnings on it for pregnant women which is a huge warning sign to look out regardless if you are pregnant or not.

 mavala rose shell pink nail polish
A safe option, Rose Shell by Mavala


If I had limitless of money I would def splurge on all these items, imagine what a dream! But hey a girl can always dream right!? Lol!
The most affordable out of all the things are of course the HudaBeauty Textured palette. I have been longing to try it for quite some time now, it is suppose to be really good and with lots of pigment. The top row of shadows with glitters should be applied with fingers and not brushed, something about heating the shadow up and getting more product on the eyelids. Quite intriguing if you ask me as a make up connoisseur.

On to the rest of the items, a baby (aka mini) Balenciaga in lovely pink/nude color, classic taupe Sac de jour medium from Saint Laurent, rose gold lady datejust from Rolex, Balenciaga bracelet, Saint Laurent over the knee boots and the stunning rose gold Cartier bracelet.