kylie cosmetics collection swatches koko k exposed lip kitKylie Cosmetics – Lip kit in Koko K and Exposed // Lip gloss in Like and Literally

First impression?
The formula of the liquid lipstick is vert smooth, it literally glides over the skin and it does not feel instantly dry as some liquid lipsticks do. The lip liners are not extremely pigmented but gives a nice and soft colour.
And to be honest, who likes those lips from the 90s where the lip liner is so strong and pigmented it looks like a eyeliner!?

I loved the coverage of both the liquid lipsticks and the lipgloss, these are def not for those how like a sheer lip look because these colours dolls, they really do stand out.

How long did it last until it fade? That my loves I’m going to show you in a video!! So stay tuned for a video showing just how good these last ;)

kylie cosmetics collection swatches koko k exposed lip kit

kylie cosmetics collection swatches koko k exposed lip kit


sensai cellular performance treatment hand cremeSensai Intensive hand treatment – 799 SEK

I have been using so much self-tanning lately that my hands get so dry. And as we all know, if the hands get dry the self tan application will just look totally off.
Last time I applied self tan it actually ended up not looking so nice on my hands even though I drenched my hands in hand lotion before!

So it is time to take this to a new level (because I’m def not giving up on the self tanning lol!). I’m now going to try the Sensai Cellular Performance hand treatment.
It suppose to leave the hands supersoft, nourish the skin and protect the skin from UVB damage. It also works against uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, dry skin and collagen boosting. The hands are the part of the skin that ages fastest and I can already tell my hands have been through A LOT. I was my hands so much and I use and abuse antibacterial gel. So it def leaves the hand dry afterwards.


bronze kim kardashian eye make up tutorial
I’m going to be honest, I have been in a bit of a “creativity rut” the last couple of weeks. I’ve been sick with a hoarse voice for weeks and my inspiration and flow hit a major speed bump.
But it is slowly starting to feel better again and I got so much more glam coming very soon dolls, stay tuned! Xx Louise


khloe kardashian skinny ripped demin jeans out in la
Khloe is looking soooo good these days! Her body is seriously smoking hot and she brings the term revenge body to a whole new level!
I love her work out efforts, I can’t really relate though since I’m more for powerwalking haha! But it’s really cool to see how she transformed her body over the last 1-2 years.

I’m also really eager to get my hands on a pair of demin shorts like she’s wearing. However it probably looks best with heels as she combined her look with a pair of classic black Louboutins. Personally I prefer flat so maybe it would look very quirky without the heels hehe ;)


anastasia beverly hills brow palette make up marble backgroundAnastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express palette, Lancomé’s latest eyeliner Grandiose Eye liner, L’oréal Lipgloss and Clarins bronzing powder

Lancomé launched a new eye liner this summer with a new function, you can bend the handle towards one side so you get a better angle while applying the eyeliner. I use to be a big fan of liquid eyeliner but lately I’m not feeling the whole cat eye/winged eye liner look, I think girls on instagram took it for far and now it just looks messy.
I actually have a hard time believe ANY guy findings that look attractive. Girls can argue all the want that they do make up for themselves, but I personally like make up regardless of what guys thinks but I also don’t want to wear a make up look that most men find unappealing or unattractive. So yeah, there is a big difference there if you ask me. Like nikkietutorials on Instagram, she really takes it waaay to far, doing silly youtube challenges like applying liqud lipstick all over her face or clown make up.
I take make up very, very seriously and I’m not a fan of girls with a big audience making fun out of it :)

So yeah, I’m still looking forward on trying this new eyeliner from Lancome to create a defined yet natural look! I will take photos of how the finished look will turn out and show you dolls. Now I’m off on a powerwalk!
Have a lovely Saturday! Xx Louise