carita body oils clarins shimmer oilHi dolls!
So since my last post was about oils I thought lets continue with the same theme but this time with body oils! A couple of years ago I use to use body make up and bronzing powder on my legs and arms during the summer before going out. It looked sooo amazing however it was quite tricky to apply and also I ruined a whole lot of clothes that required dry cleaning afterwards. But I looked very glam that’s for sure. I defiantly still love to apply bronzing powders and shimmering body oils over the decolletage and legs, but I’m going to save the body foundation for those special occasion when I wanna look superglam wearing a summer dress for a night out.

body make upSide note, it is well known that the VS models and other supermodels get body foundation applied all over their bodies before walking out on the runway hence their flawless look. Body foundation disguises veins and even cellulite! So do not fret if you see a model with flawless legs, it’s probably just body foundation ;))
MAC have a famous foundation for both face and body that is very popular among models.

The oil of the left is a shimmer body oil from Clarins that I have not tried yet, when I do I promise a review on it! On the right we have a limited edition body oil (without any shimmer) from Carita. I’m not sure if it is still available as I believe it was a part of some anniversary collection. But I guess the formula must be quite similar to Caritas standard body oil, valuable both with and without shimmer. This oil is quite fast absorbing and can be applied even underneath clothes as a regular moisturizer. It however got a quite strong scent so it might clash with ones perfume. I find this being the struggle with most scented body products, anyone else feeling the same way?
It is kinda annoying to wear so many smells at once. I do have a solution to this problem that’s been my go to trick since I was 16 years old and discovered self tanning.

The best way to moisturize your skin and/or prep your skin before self tanning is before jumping into the shower, apply a pure oil (of choice, I prefer Almond or neutral non smelling coconut oil) all over your body, and then I mean aaalll over your body.
Wait for a few minutes to let the oil absorb into the skin and then shower. Just make sure not to use any hair or body products in the shower as it is a well known fact that if you use shampoo or body wash over oil it will get STUCK in the oil onto your skin. And this might cause your skin to rash or develop an allergic reaction since body wash and hair care products are not suppose to stay on your skin since they are “wash off”-products.
So if you plan on washing your hair skip this body oil trick and save it for when you are just planning on taking a shower.
This will leave your skin so moisturizer and soft that there is no need for body lotion and you can use your perfume without any risk of having several scents at once! It is also the perfect way to prep your skin before applying your self tanning lotions. I wrote quite a famous self tanning guide a few years ago that is still one of my most visited links from google, I’m going to translate it to English and republish so stay tuned for the ultimate and foolproof guide that will get your skin glow ready for the spring and summer!

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the best facial oils coconut oil

These past few months I have taken (not by choice really) a very long make up break. During this time I have been trying out different oils to use instead of moisturizer. To be honest there is no better beauty product out there to prevent and get rid of fine lines and dry wrinkles than using natural oils. It just gives your skin that natural glow you just can’t get with regular creams and moisturizers.
I want to dedicated each oil I have tried and will try it’s own blog posts, so let’s start with the most famous one, coconut oil!

I first fell in love with coconut oil when it worked amazing to treat my second degree burn I got on my wrist this past fall. The burn was very, very bad and almost a 3d degree burn and I thought I would be left with the worst scar possible on an area that was 3×3 cm big. However after the first few days I started applying coconut oil on the wound as soon as a thin surface had been formed. I dabbed on the oil to prevent it from rubbing off the thin layer of new skin that had started to grow back.
Every day I used the oil after reading a medical study on how coconut oil can help treat burns. This healed my wound so well and the surface became completely flat. No bumps or edges of the burn at all!!!
Coconut oil is both a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil and that’s why I think it worked so amazing for my burn wound.
Today a few months after it is still slightly red pigmentation but I’m just so happy it did not result in a bumpy and uneven scar. So this is a big if you ever burn yourself, forget about the aloe vera and instead apply coconut oil. Just make sure you use a brand new jar of oil and use plastic gloves when applying to minimize the risk of infections and don’t put the oil on until the first new layer of skin have started to grow back!

make up skin care look inspo
However when I used coconut oil on my face it was quite a bumpy ride…
The first two weeks of using coconut on my face had me shook. I was thinking to myself wow why had I not been using this oil on my face sooner and my dark circles (genetics unfortunately) started to look a lot better. Not completely gone but the area looked more glowing and I looked less tired. Then after a few weeks the nasty after effect hit me, under skin/cystic acne hit my skin in many different places. It was not the white pimples but instead red bumps that took a long time to heal…
I read up on coconut oil after this and read that it seems like a tricky oil to use in the face.
Due to the fact that for some people it can clog up the skin and for others it actually clears up acne prone skin!
The only way to find out is to get a leap of faith and give it a try. I do think I might have gone overboard using coconut oil pretty much every day in my face and that’s why my skin had a break out. Also since my health is not the best I think my body is a bit stressed out at the moment so that could also be another reason. I do however love the results of using it underneath my eye area and I noticed my lashes seemed to become fuller after using the oil all over my face. I will continue to use as a eye primer before concealer underneath the eyes.
So I do not want to discourage anyone from trying coconut as a facial oil, just make sure you take a few precautionary steps I have listed pros and cons as well as what to think of before using the oil below.
Hope you like it!
coconut oil for the face facial oils




bobbi brown lipglossBobbi Brown is a brand that have been around for quite some time and really grown into a household name worldwide. Surprisingly I have never tried any products at all from this brand by I have always walked by Bobbi Browns make up counter thinking that someday I need to try the products. When I was browsing the make up section a while ago I stumbled open these glosses. The colors look so pretty for spring and summer! Have anyone of you dolls tried these or anything else from this brand? Love to hear your thoughts xx Louise


spring make up collection

Hi dolls! Who’s ready for spring!?! I sure am! You all know I like my make up to be in neutral tones and a lot of shimmer, however for the spring I wanna change things up a bit.
So I thought it would be fun to list some of the few springs trends that I have picked up among make up artists, international beauty profiles and brands.

♥  No more matte lips!
When even Kylie Jenner, the queen of mattes, start to launch velvet lipsticks and glosses you know the mattes are on it’s way out. I never liked matte lipsticks so I’m glad to see with overly hyped trend go away for a while.

♥  Dewy and glowing skin
No more heavy coverage foundation and extreme contouring. For this spring and summer focus on letting your own skin shine through, add some moisturize and glow to your look and skip the “cakey” foundations. Many brands are combining skin care and make up this year and one product I really wanna try is the Glam Glow Glowstarter, a illumination moisturizer with a dash of color. It looks beyond perfect on all the photos I have seen!

♥  Toned down color correction
So we have all seen these extreme colored correction palettes from quite a few brands, these are according to many famous make up artist like @MakeupbyMario (Kim Kardashian fav make up artist) something to skip. Instead focus on using more natural options for color correction. For example, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting fluids are pretty amazing I must say (seen in the photo above). A very light and creamy texture and my favorite one is the peachy one for correcting dark circles, a must have for spring!

♥  Natural eye liner
Good riddance to extreme winged eyeliners, it’s not even so 2016, it’s more like it’s so 2015. Meaning long over! This look does not do a woman any favors, it looks harsh and overdone. An eyeliner should frame your eyes, not be drawn up towards your eyebrows. Instead opt for a natural application with creamy eyeliners and apart from black, softer shades of dark grey and brown is trending this spring.

spring make up tutorial


smashbox contour trio stick

Smashbox step-by-step contour sticks. Three chunky make up pencils that makes contouring very easy and most of all, very quick! It comes in a sleek black packaging for the price of 415SEK/34USD.
There are two brown shades for contouring and bronzing and one lighter color for highlighting.

These pencils are so smooth and creamy, they literally slide over the skin without leaving any harsh lines in the foundation underneath or mess up the rest of the base products. However the texture is thick enough to stay in it’s place while blending, we all know it’s a fine line between those contouring products that are just way too creamy so it smears all over the face or those that are to harsh like powder (ugh no fan of contour powders!) that leave dark lines over the face.

I really like the fact that that these pens (or sticks as Smashbox calls it) are so easy to work with! It literally takes a few seconds to contour and highlight the face as you can see on the photo above.
The blending parts of course takes a bit more time, but the application is great! These pens are also great to do contouring of the nose and I love to use the lighter shade over my top lip before using lip liners to give it a fuller look. I will show photos of how I contour and highlight my lips with before and after photos in a separate blog posts later!

Can be a little bit tricky to sharpen these without too much products disappearing “into” the pencil sharpener. Guess that’s the price you have to pay to get a smooth product in pencil form :))

I definitely think this is a great contouring product and worth a buy! Especially if you are looking for a product that is easy to work with and won’t be to tricky to apply. You really just need these and a beauty blender.
It might not be the most wallet-friendly contouring product out there so I will add it’s worth a buy if you can afford it :)) Also if you want to do more advanced contouring with like 5 different colors then these pens probably won’t be enough. However unless you are a professional make up artist that needs a large selection of colors to choose from due to the variation of skin tones then that wouldn’t be a concern.


sick beautyHi dolls, just wanted to check in here and say I’m alive!
I’m really not feeling well and running low on energy. I’m gonna try and force myself to drink some more water with apple cider vinegar now and also some immune system boosting tea. It’s so annoying because a part of me feels creative and wanting to write here, but then I’m also feeling too drained and tired to do it. However I have a few posts I really want to do so will be posting a bit more tomorrow ♥

Also speaking of something totally different, this might sounds a bit weird but have any of you dolls been into or tried dream interpretation? Meaning finding out what your dreams really mean or what the subconscious is trying to tell you.
I’ve always been quite fascinated about it but I guess it would be quite difficult to know who is good and bad at interpreting dreams. It’s a grey zone, it’s not like fortune telling or things like that, but still it’s not exactly science that you can get a degree in hehe!